Pouring hot water into a French press

As for making coffee in a French press

Espresso it is not, but almost! Coffee prepared in a French Press possesses quality almost equal to that of the true espresso. Just pour ground coffee in the glass container with hot water, push the plunger and mix. How is it to work with the device, which appeared in the 18th century in France, and what makes the French press so unique?

History of the French press

The French press originated as a piece of metal equipment during the time of Napoleon, sometime around 1850. The form we know today was patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimanim in 1929. Thanks to this, the french press spread throughout the world and created all sorts of names for itself – we can recognise the name cafetiere (which is from the French and means coffee machine, although French press coffee does not really boil). Another interesting name, again from the French, ‘a сafetière à piston’ or plunger coffee maker. Thanks to the popularity of french presses in English-speaking countries, we can also hear names such as press pot, coffee press and coffee plunger. All these name represent the french press.

Pouring hot water into a French press

Pouring hot water into a French press

How does the French press work and why is the coffee so good?

This device is based on a relatively simple principle of the infusion and subsequent filtration of ground coffee. Despite the relatively primitive functionality of the French press, the coffee it produces has an especially delicious taste. Some say that some types of coffees can only develop their tastes only when using a French press. Why? When preparing coffee using filter paper, it engages the contained coffee oils and so coffee loses its taste quality. The mocha jug again, thanks to the boiling water which passes through the coffee „grind“, creates a new kind of „brewing“, which again will affect the taste. Negatively. The French press possesses none of the former ailments – coffee roams freely around pitcher, infusing and creating a full and creamy taste.

How do you prepare the perfect cup of coffee from a french press?

Just follow these simple rules – Preheat the glass container. Add in the ground coffee (ideally directly labeled as „french press“ coffee grind, grains have a size similar to those of granulated sugar) and pour over nearly boiling water (93 ° C). Subsequently, whilst the coffee is in the water, stir well and open the upper part of the filter (for heat dissipation) so that the filter can be easily „pulled“ and a coffee crust can form on the underneath surface. Then we have to wait 3-4 minutes. Next, push down gently on the Press strainer. After full compression we do not expect any free coffee grains. Pour the coffee, if necessary pour all remaining coffee into a new jug, do not allow the coffee to further infuse (further infused, leftover coffee has little in common with the other fresh, French press coffee and according to the resources available, a lengthy soaking of coffee results in substances that are noxious to our health).

Tips for preparation:

  1. Coffee in a French press should use a single type of coffee.
  2. If you do not have a kettle, which clearly shows the water temperature (due to the optimum temperature of 93 ° C), you can allow the kettle to boil and let it stand for half a minute.
  3. Push the plunger slowly – coffee could literally explode under the pressure and you could be severely scalded.

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