Unroasted Coffee Beans

The Most Widespread Coffee in the World

Robusta and Arabica, these terms you already probably heard or seen somewhere. Some of us already know, that this is about the most famous kinds of coffee. They are sometimes mistakenly called as the only kinds of coffee. Other types of coffee are coffee liberica and coffee excelsa.

Coffee liberica has the largest grain, high productivity and is relatively resistant parasites. Unfortunately spawns only every 14 months. Her coffee berries are harder contain little juice and sugar, why not taste interesting. The same is true for the not so known species Coffea Excelsa, which is very similar Robusta.

Coffee is among the world’s most valuable export commodities. In 2002 he provided in Africa, Asia and tropical America, living about 125 million people and the global trade in 2003 amounted to $ 70 billion. Wholesalers coffee will be settled on commodity exchanges, most of them, however, tends to one variety. The most Robusta traded on the London Stock Exchange, with Arabica in New York.

Robusta versus Arabica

Robusta versus Arabica


Arabica is the most widespread coffee in the world. Arabica accounts for 75% of world coffee production, because she conquered coffee lovers with her umistakable delicious taste. Arabica has its own distinetive flavor. Also si very interesting that it contains less caffeine than robusta. It contains twice as much sugar and fat than robusta. Therefore it offers a much greater variety of flavors. Taste characteristics is also influenced by other factors, such as roasting or actual preparation of coffee.

Its cultivation is relatively demanding. Indeed grows at least 1,000 m above sea level. Growers troubled by their susceptibility to fungus and pests. His first crop can sometimes provide up to 6 years. Coffee cherries Arab ripen up to 8 months, and the harvest takes place by hand, combing selection.

The most commonly encountered varieties

There are over 80 types of Arabica. Each farmer for growing you´re choosing another. When selecting varieties based on the characteristics of individual species and carefully choose the most suitable for their plantation. Controls example altitude plantations subsoil, slope, rainfall, etc.


Typica is the basic type of Arabica, which developed several other varieties. Typica originates from Ethiopia and is exactly the variety, which was the first ever classified as arabica (lat. Coffea Arabica). Typica has relatively low production, but it is known for its excellent quality. Coffee is about four m tall, has a conical shape and a strait trunk.


Bourboun planted amidst the French Indian Ocean island of Bourbon (now the name Reunion) around 1708. Bourbon production is about 20-30% more than Typica, but still produces less coffee than most other varieties. Has a relatively small fruit on small branch arranged densely together. Coffee cherries ripen quickly and it happens that when high winds and rains fall off easily. For the cultivation of this variety is ideal altitude between 1000 and 2000 m asl. The quality of the Bourbon variety is excellent, very similar typica. Coffee berries are often yellow (Yellow Bourbon), can sometimes have a red color (Red Bourbon).


Caturra, Catuai, Catimor, Gesha, Maragogype, Mundo Novo

Arabica versus Robusta

In short, we can say that the main difference between coffee varieties Arabica and Robusta are price and quality. Robusta quality is significantly lower, often has a very earthy, for someone to unpleasant taste. A second major difference is the price, which is about half toward the coffee arabica type – it is justified. Robusta coffee produces as little as two to three years, is less demanding in terms of cultivation and even more resistant to pests (requires less herbicides), all have an impact on price.

Arabica and Robusta from each other at first sight is identified by the grains. Arabica has elongated grains and the flat groove in the central portion is curved. A grain of robusta is slightly smaller, most proburetant, generally rounded and has a straight furrow.

Unroasted Coffee Beans

Unroasted Coffee Beans

Combination of Arabica with Robusta creates a guaranteed magic Italian espresso, which provides arabica and robusta distinctive flavor beverage supplying its heavy earthy body and caffeine. Even so celebrated crema is the reward, which gives us robusta.