As for making coffee in a French press

Espresso it is not, but almost! Coffee prepared in a French Press possesses quality almost equal to that of the true espresso.

Handpresso – Prepare an authentic espresso anywhere, even in your car

Are you a coffee connoisseur and do you need the real taste of espresso on the go? Are you not content with stale coffee from thermos or the undrinkable slop from the petrol station?

Aluminum ROK Espresso Maker – Press an Espresso in Your Own Hands!

An unusual apparatus crafted from hardened aluminum which creates an excellent cup of coffee in a few seconds.

6 Tips on How to Store Coffee to Keep It Fresh

What is best to prevent the coffee you have at home going off? These 6 tips will help you understand the problems of storing coffee and how to ensure it stays great.

What Is the Ideal Coffee Preparation Type for You?

How can we choose from a wide range of coffee machines, drippers and percolators?

The Most Widespread Coffee in the World

Robusta and Arabica, these terms you already probably heard or seen somewhere. Some of us already know, that this is about the most famous kinds of coffee.

Coffee Preventing Alzheimer’s

This is a yet another piece of evidence against the coffee naysayers. Coffee is actually great for preventing the Alzheimer’s disease, scientists say.

6 Most Widespread Myths About Coffee

Let’s look at the 6 most widespread quasi-truths that people like to associate with this drink.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Caffeine-free Coffee

What is better for you: caffeine-free or normal coffee? What about expecting moms, doesn’t coffee negatively affect the child? What is caffeine, actually, and how do you remove it from coffee? Let’s go through these questions together.

Is Green Coffee Just an Elaborate Fraud?

Green coffee is not a special kind nor a particular way of processing coffee. It’s actually a normal Arabica coffee, which however hasn’t been roasted.