The Most Widespread Coffee in the World

Robusta and Arabica, these terms you already probably heard or seen somewhere. Some of us already know, that this is about the most famous kinds of coffee. They are sometimes mistakenly called as the only kinds of coffee. Other types […]

Coffee Preventing Alzheimer’s

This is a yet another piece of evidence against the coffee naysayers. Coffee is actually great for preventing the Alzheimer’s disease, scientists say. People free of chronic problems with coffee are recommended up to five cups a day! Coffee’s caffeine […]

6 Most Widespread Myths About Coffee

There has been written a lot about coffee over the years, both good and bad. You can always stumble upon people that keep insisting on how harmful coffee is. They keep mumbling about how your heart is going to stop […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Caffeine-free Coffee

What is better for you: caffeine-free or normal coffee? What about expecting moms, doesn’t coffee negatively affect the child? What is caffeine, actually, and how do you remove it from coffee? Let’s go through these questions together. Caffeine, a powerful […]

Is Green Coffee Just an Elaborate Fraud?

Green coffee is not a special kind nor a particular way of processing coffee. It’s actually a normal Arabica coffee, which however hasn’t been roasted. Not being exposed to high temperature allows the coffee beans to retain the healthy elements […]

Interesting Facts About Civet Coffee

An interesting fact: one of the most expensive and most refined types of coffee is produced in the Philippines. What’s more, the process of how this coffee is made is rather shocking. Kopi Luwak That is the name of the […]