Jamaica Blue Mountain – Coffee Jewel from the Heart of the Caribbean


Why is Jamaica Blue Mountain one of the most expensive coffee in the world? From where in the Caribbean does it actually come from? What makes it so unique and how does it taste?


How Can You Choose the Best Drip Coffee Maker?


Coffee can be prepared in a variety of ways. Dripping is one of them. The quality rivals even that of the espresso and some allow can even surpass that quality. What are the differences and on which principle does they work?

Coffee Preparation

Hario V60 Dripper – How to Use it to Make Great Coffee


Glass container, in the shape of a cone, is amongst the easiest ways to quickly prepare reasonably good coffee. How and where did the V60 dripper come to fruition? And what does the 60 in its name stand for?

Coffee Preparation

4 Things You Need to Know About Espresso


It originated at the beginning of the 20th century and became the most popular drink in the world. What points must a coffee meet to be marked as espresso? There are actually a lot. Thus, a lot can go wrong.


What is the Coffee Belt and Which Countries Belong to it?


Where can we find the Coffee Belt and is only coffee grown within it? Which areas surround the belt, is the continent where the coffee is grown affected? What about its taste?


Handpresso – Prepare an authentic espresso anywhere, even in your car


Are you a coffee connoisseur and do you need the real taste of espresso on the go? Are you not content with stale coffee from thermos or the undrinkable slop from the petrol station?

Coffee Preparation

As for making coffee in a French press


Espresso it is not, but almost! Coffee prepared in a French Press possesses quality almost equal to that of the true espresso.

Coffee Preparation

Aluminum ROK Espresso Maker – Press an Espresso in Your Own Hands!


An unusual apparatus crafted from hardened aluminum which creates an excellent cup of coffee in a few seconds.

Coffee Preparation

6 Tips on How to Store Coffee to Keep It Fresh


What is best to prevent the coffee you have at home going off? These 6 tips will help you understand the problems of storing coffee and how to ensure it stays great.


What Is the Ideal Coffee Preparation Type for You?


How can we choose from a wide range of coffee machines, drippers and percolators?

Coffee Preparation